High Impact Consultant (HIC) is a dynamic higher study consultancy providing Malaysia based registere (202003152524/RA0059007-A) company.

We assist and support potential international students for creating their academic opportunities in Malaysia by offering them top rank universities based on the individual student profile.

Our Service Ensures
Straightforward processing for "one-stop study in Malaysia".

We spend time to understand a student’s choice from one to one discussion. 

Our principal consultant team takes a week to analyze the individual student profile. It includes – academic and financial strength. Throughout the process, we support the student to make the best profile for the aimed subject and institutions.

Our expert analysis and communication with the corresponding universities allow us to provide you best match for the student. Please, note that we always emphasize on high ranking universities. Our top priority is to see our students are in top rank universities.

We also guide to arrange necessary documents, including scholarship adjustment and financial statements. 

In this stage, we support a student to complete all the application procedure.

To get an acceptance letter for the desired institute takes some times. It’s not fixed and varies from time to time. We follow up with the corresponding university to update our students.

Students quickly get frightened when it is the time to apply for a visa after getting the acceptance letter from the university. Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) – is a separate government agency. They process the VISA, and their policy changes pro-rata with time.

Our task is to clarify the up-to-date process to the student and guide to prepare the application to submission.

Arranging suitable accommodation and arranging a comfortable air ticket are the last things a student requires after receiving the visa. We support both based on the demand. We help out to arrange an air ticket. Besides, with us, a student meets no difficulties finding a hostel (on-campus) hostel or private accommodation (off-campus).


Our expert services are all in one to help you find the abroad education in Malaysia you want.

Messages from the Top Panel Members

Welcome to HIC, I am the director and the co-founder of HIC. I have received a PhD degree from the University of Malaya (UM). Currently, working as a senior lecturer at the University of Science, Malaysia (USM).
Edmund Loh
Greetings. I am the executive director and the founder of the HIC. I have completed my post-graduation from the University of Malaya (UM). I am involved with multinational higher academic research project.
Ahmed Sanny
Hello, I am a starting member of HIC and handling all of the operations. I graduated from Lincoln University College Malaysia, where I also served as a faculty. I am also an instructor at Tertiary Courses Malaysia (TCM).


High Impact Consultant (HIC) is the only consultant service provider company where all the consultants are directly involved with Malaysian universities and educational institutes.


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