"Hi folks, do you know why should you study in Malaysia? Let's take a look."


English works everywhere. However, the first language is Malay. Mandarin, Cantonese and Tamil are next following languages that work in Malaysia. Finding some Bengali, Hindi and Arab speakers are also very common. So, Malaysia is really a multi-languages speaking society. Hence, nobody feels alone.

University Ranking

Top-ranked public and private universities are leading in Malaysia. Suppose, according to the QS ranking for 2021, 20+ universities are listed as top global universities where 10+ are in top 500, and 5 of them in top 200.

Affordable Cost

Malaysia is extremely affordable in cost in terms of standard living. $ 300-400 (USD) is sufficient enough to maintain a high standard student life in the Kuala Lumpur, the megacity of Malaysia. Other places are even much cost-effective.


Malaysia is a multi-ethnical and multi-cultural hub in Asia. Almost half of the local population is Malay and Muslims. Two third of the other community is Chinese, then following, Tamils. Rest of the peoples are tropical and south Asian peoples with their ethnic roots. Hence, Hinduism, traditional Chinese religions, Buddhists and Christianity are practiced countrywide. A real global environment where multiculturalism and various religious practices coexist side by side.

Foodies’ Paradise

The versatile food variations are not available in any other country. Tropical Southeast Asian to Indian or Thai, Arab to Western, Chinese, spicy to non-spicy - all kinds of foods are available in the same place. Halal and non-halal foods are precisely classified and labeled.


Safety is actively measured in Malaysia. During COVID-19, Malaysia demonstrated its highest health safety capability by making sure one of the lowest affected countries of the world. Man and females both are equally powerful and independent in this region. Health insurance policy and updated digitalized security system make the environment one of the safest countries in Asia.


65% of Malaysia contains green tropical and rainy forests. Tropical hills, islands and sunny beaches are everywhere - what makes Malaysia a great destination for adventurous.

Job and Business

Malaysia welcomes young and fresh minds. On-campus and off-campus opportunities are always there for students. The social-economic environment also allows young-adults to start entrepreneur business with thousands of possibilities. Thereby, success is just one step ahead.